M & A Consulting

M & A Consulting

Individual support in the purchase and sale of companies: company acquisitions, particularly in small and medium-sized enterprises, serve to position a company even more successfully in an international competitive environment sustainably and over the long term.

Growth by means of corporate acquisitions offers the opportunity to quickly exploit new target groups and markets, to ensure access to what may be scarce resources and to improve the competitive position on the market.

Studies prove that the interest in company acquisitions, even among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMES), is as great as ever. However, it is apparently difficult, especially for SMES, to find suitable take-over candidates.

Firstly, this is because large M & A companies do not react individually enough to the values of SMES, which are often run by owners or families.

Secondly, SMES often lack their own personnel resources in order to search for interesting companies on the market and to initiate the purchase process themselves.

We have the experience, working together with our clients, to address the shareholders of target companies sensibly and seriously about a potential corporate sale in a targeted and individual manner and to subsequently supervise the purchase process personally through to its successful end. In this context, we are particularly responsive to the needs of SMES.

We can likewise support you professionally if you are thinking about selling business units or subsidiaries.


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